National Trust Days Out

I remember it like it was yesterday, our first trip out as a new family with our one week old baby boy, everyone cooing over him and me feeling every inch the proud mama pushing him around in the pram for the very first time.

We decided to go to Anglesey Abbey for a nice walk, it’s a fairly quick trip, only 20 minutes from home and aside from a Health Visitor check up at the hospital and a hearing test, this was our first real adventure out and it was the perfect way to step into the world with a new born. Close to home, beautiful setting, family friendly and most importantly, fresh air to make us feel more human, because that first week is quite a whirlwind. On that day we became members, nothing says ‘parents’ like becoming a National Trust member, hey! And its the best decision we could have made.


Not only a great way to spend time together as a family but in those early months it’s so important for your health and wellbeing to get out of the house. Getting fresh air and some gentle exercise really helps when the days and nights become one and you’re home alone with a newborn throughout the day. It ensured that I had somewhere to go to reset and breathe. To be part of the world. And a year on, I’m still enjoying those trips, although they look slightly different now.

We’re enjoying picnics together, last summer we attempted a picnic and all William wanted to do was feed and nurse, it was a far cry from how I imagined it, relaxing in the sunshine. We’re now chasing a baby who is much quicker than he should be on his hands and knees as he’s crawling away at the speed of light and during our recent trip this week….. walking! we’ve taken our first steps and after a few weeks of practise we’re now toddling around the gardens and seeing the world in a whole new way. Oh my heart! Watching him grow and learn in these gardens is a joy and he had so much fun. Such a simple afternoon out brought so much happiness for us both.




We have visited our local National Trusts so many times over the past 12 months that the investment was more than worth it and I can only see our membership becoming more valuable as he grows, he loves the outdoors and I want to encourage this as much as possible. And, I love the gardens and flowers so it’s really a win win.






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