Hello! I thought before I leave it too long I should introduce myself and how my blog came to be.

I’m Laura, an Interior designer and new(ish) mama. I’m not quite sure when you go from being a new mama to fully fledged? I’m 31 years old and live in Cambridgeshire with my husband Jamie, who I met at school. We have been together for almost 14 years now and we have had the most incredible time together but in May 2016 we welcomed our first baby into the world, our son William and thus starts a new adventure together as a family.


Confession time… This isn’t my first blog!

I love writing and I started blogging a number of years ago but naturally it was strictly interiors. Over time I found that it could feel quite limiting writing about only one topic and when I fell pregnant I decided to leap and try something that I had wanted for a while, it felt like the right time for a change considering my life was about to change dramatically, I wanted to write a lifestyle blog. I wanted somewhere to share all of my passions not just my love for interiors. Somewhere that I could share my enthusiasm of food, my journey into motherhood and everything that I learn during this crazy and exciting new chapter of my life.


But with my pregnancy the tiredness hit hard, I’m sure all you other mamas can relate, so come the evening all thoughts of creating my lifestyle blog went straight out the window and instead I’d spend my time researching anything and everything to do with birth and babies and continuing with yoga as all other exercise went out the window at about 6 weeks! I thought I’d have plenty of time when I was on maternity leave for my blog… how wrong I was! The past 15 months have flown by and I have been engrossed with motherhood and everything it brings, love, laughter, crying, endless nappies and sleepless nights, breastfeeding and weaning, cuddles and baby wearing.


But now I’m not attached to my baby 24/7, I’m going to try and introduce writing back into my world again. So, if you have a love for cooking and eating, interiors and adventures or you’re a mama or mama to be you might enjoy some of what I have to share and I’d love for you to subscribe and visit me over on Instagram @lauraadkininteriors. And, if there’s something you’d love to see feature on my blog, please get in touch or comment.


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