Modern Country Kitchen

I am excited that 2017 may be the year we start our extension. Although I love our cottage we have some serious space issues, especially with a new baby.

We’re looking to extend both upstairs and down but I think the most exciting part for me is the new kitchen/dining/living area we are looking at creating.

We want the space to be light and bright and while we want the build to be fitting with our current country cottage, the interiors will be a mix of modern/country.

If you’re looking to create a Modern Country home, you can find my hints and tips here.

My favourite kitchen designers are Humphrey Munson, Neptune, DeVOL so be sure to check them out for more inspiration.








Images: Pinterest / Neptune

3 thoughts on “Modern Country Kitchen

    1. Thank you SammyandSufi. I’m equally excited for the extension and extra space, and of course the design process – I am not so keen on all the mess! Isn’t it amazing how these little people take up so much space, even more so after Christmas!

      I think if you’re happy with everything else, location, house etc and you just need more space than an extension is much more ideal. Those moving costs can instead be used to develop your current family home. Good luck with your plans. x

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