Modern Country Bedroom

Dreaming of a modern country bedroom…

We are currently going through a sleep regression with William! A combination of learning new skills, teething and transitioning from 3 naps a day to 2 is causing absolute havoc with his sleeping.
He is still feeding 3 times a night so having him wake up multiple times plus a 4 or 5am wake up call is taking its toll on us all. An earlier bedtime would help of course but the evenings fly by so quickly and I get hooked sitting and watching the new Sherlock or Silent Witness, perhaps have a quick browse on Pinterest which is never really a quick browse because it’s additive.

With the extension we’re planning, we’ll be designing our perfect bedroom and I’m dreaming of 8 hours uninterrupted sleep.

I know the room will be filled with light, a calm muted colour pallet, perhaps even white. A simple room to unwind and wake up feeling refreshed. Natural wood touches with lots of storage and a touch of luxury.





Images: The White Company / Pinterest / One Kindesign / Stockholm Vitt Laura Adkin Interiors / Decor Pad

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