Homemade Plum & Raspberry Jam

I never imagined that one day I would have a garden with fruit trees and a vegetable garden but I found myself with both when we moved to the cottage and whilst extremely high maintenance they’re one of the things I love about our garden most.

While this summer has seen our vegetable garden sadly neglected and no veggies sown and an apple tree that hasn’t yielded any fruit this year, probably due to the overgrown hedges that I am currently tackling, my favourite tree in the front garden, our plum tree, has had a bumper crop this year.

In the past we have simply picked and enjoyed the fruit but I must admit a lot goes to waste. Last year I barely picked any and ended up picking up all the spoiled fruit from the ground. This summer I vowed that I would pick all the fruit and use it all up, I am really keen that William and I spend as much time in the garden as we can and I teach him all I can about growing fruit and vegetables at home.

William had just started toddling when the fruit was ripe enough for picking and if you follow my Instagram stories you will have seen the fun we had playing in the garden and collecting all the fruit together, his love for the great outdoors has only grown stronger since. It has been so much easier to get into the garden since he has been walking so I remain hopeful that next year we will have a blooming garden with vegetables to enjoy!


There were a crazy amount of plums so some of the fruit we gave to family to enjoy, I made a few plum and apple crumbles, again, we couldn’t possibly eat it all so some was gifted to family and finally, I made a big batch of plum and raspberry jam.

This was my first time cooking jam and it certainly won’t be my last. It was extremely easy to make and it tastes absolutely delicious, the flavours just burst in your mouth. The best thing is that once sealed it will last for 6 months so all those plums that we couldn’t eat quick enough or bake into a crumble haven’t gone to waste.

If you fancy trying your hand at making some jam, I used this Good Food recipe. I should note that the first time I made this I didn’t think the jam was ready as it didn’t wrinkle when I tested it with my finger on the cold plate but as it cooled it also set firmer so I really only need 10 mins cooking as per the instructions, when you test it keep this in mind… or you could always buy a jam thermometer!




In my humble opinion, best served on hot croissants in bed! Enjoy.


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