Birthday Gift Guide – One Year Olds!

Having just celebrated William’s second birthday (firstly, how the hell did that happen and secondly, yes that is the sound of my heart breaking, just a little) I thought this would be a great opportunity to put together a couple of tried and tested gift guides. I’ll break my posts into one and two year old gift guides and if you’d like, finish with a ‘new baby essentials guide’ which will hopefully not only help new parents but also give friends and family some ideas of what parents might appreciate when their new bundle comes along.

So, rewind one whole year and we were showered with gifts for Williams first birthday, some he loved straight away and others he has grown into over the past 12 months but here is our top list of gifts for your one year old.



This was a gift from us. We wanted something special to mark his first birthday, something cherished that he would love even as he grew, something that would last the test of time and boy, has this gift done just that! I searched the internet for beautifully designed, classic teepees and settled on this natural canvas teepee from LittleMe Teepee. I wanted to be able to decorate the teepee how I wished which is why I choose something plain but you’ll also find some beautiful designs, I especially love the chevron teepees. And while this may not be the top of everyones list, for the interior lovers amongst you, it will not look out of place in your home, which is another reason why I choose this teepee. Watching him play in his teepee now is a real joy and honestly, I think this is a gift for all the ages, it just feels that little bit more special to me knowing he’s had it since his first birthday. And, if you’d love a LittleMe Teepee too, then I’ve got a 20% discount just for you. Head on over to the website, linked, and use the code LAURA20.

Play Kitchen.


Now, technically we didn’t buy Williams kitchen until he was 18months old, it was a Christmas present but my parents bought him a small one for their house when he was closer to 12 months and he adored it so I can confidently report that this is a top gift purchase for one year olds and over. We saved this until last at Christmas because we knew that once he had opened the kitchen with all the pots and pans and play food, we would not be able to tear him away and this is exactly what happened. His expression when he opened it was one I will never forget, the excitement on his little face and the shrieks of happiness will stay with me forever. Again, I wanted something that would last and endure the years of playing and abuse ahead, I knew I wanted a wooden kitchen and finally decided on this Ikea kitchen, I loved the simplicity, durability, great price, the fact that the cooker hob lights up.  I took it on as a project and remodelled the little kitchen just in time for Christmas, something fitting with our own home that when space allowed, would sit alongside our own kitchen. I’ll be writing a post all about how I did it, which although a little time consuming was relatively easy to do.

Baby Walker


12 months is such an important milestone, not only mentally for us as parents but also for our babies development. Around this age our little ones start to find their feet and learn to walk so for us a baby walker was a no brainer, helping to develop their skills and confidence. There are some great walkers on the market with many having multi functions and not simply acting as a walking aid but this wooden one from The White Company wins me over every time.

Building Bricks

Our boy loves to build and destroy, to start with it was a modest one or two bricks stacked with mummy and daddy doing the rest of the work but now, at two years old, he will use every brick in the bag creating towers as tall as him. He will have fun for what seems like hours (I know its not, he’s never one to sit still)! This is a gift that will keep on giving even as they grow.

Magic Tracks

During an afternoon trip to the toy store, William came across this race car set and proceeded to spend the next half an hour chasing and crawling after the car around the store, we knew we had found a winning present (At this time he would have been around 14months old as he had just learnt to walk). Bright colourful track, race cars that just require a push of a button and whoosh, they’re off round the track, whats not to love if you’re a one year old. He loved playing with this set, and still does, whether it’s playing on the track or sending them flying around the house for him to chase, they keep it happily playing for ages. A word of warning though, keep rechargeable batteries to hand!

Paddling Pool

We started taking William to swimming lessons at 3 months old and we’ve been every week since so we have a real water baby on our hands. As a May baby this was the ideal present gifted to us by his uncle. William has enjoyed splashing in his pool not only last summer when he received it but this summer too, and with all this glorious weather we’re having, who can blame him.

The above gifts all vary in price and size but are undoubtedly the most loved gifts since he turned one and he still uses them all daily, even his walker to run around with or push his ‘babies’ on. The below is a list of well loved gifts that I would say belong in the toy box and although they are no longer used on a daily basis, they are still played with, just sometimes forgotten as the number of toys grow. At the age of one he loved them and they weren’t just fun but also educational and helped him to hone new skills.

Ball Pool
Little Tikes Gas n Go Lawnmower
Stacking blocks
Melissa & Doug Tower Toy
Stacking Rings

What about your little ones, what did they love most when they were one? I’d love to hear from you and I’m sure others would love your ideas too.

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