Birthday Gift Guide – Two Year Olds!

My baby is two. My heart breaks a little every time I think of him growing older, he’s not my little baby anymore (although he’ll always be my baby, if you know what I mean) but I try to focus on now and this is such a fun age. I love our conversations now, how he makes me laugh daily, seeing the little character he’s developed. He turned two back in May and it’s quite incredible to look back and think about the past year and how he’s changed and developed. How he plays with his toys has changed, the toys and games he enjoys the most have changed. Certainly there are some toys from the last year, gifts from his 1st birthday and Christmas that have stood the test of time, like his play kitchen and building blocks for example and others that he has really grown into such as his teepee and others have been resigned to the bottom of the toy basket.

Right now William is obsessed with transport, cars, trains, buses, planes, tractors, diggers. He loves building and drawing so we have plenty of A3 colouring books and paper and his role playing would rival a Shakespeare play. If you are looking for a gift guide for a 2 year old then hopefully our tried and tested gifts will give you some great ideas.

If you haven’t already read my gift guide for one year olds, you can read it here. As I mentioned above the kitchen and teepee would be fantastic gifts for one or two year olds alike and you’ll be able to find all the details along with a 20% discount code for the teepee. The kitchen forms a large part of our day, role playing with cooking and bringing food to our living room ‘picnics’.

The following gifts are the ones that I would deem the biggest hit with our fun loving two year old and I hope your little one will love them just as much.

Water Table


Our boy loves being outside and absolutely loves water so for us this gift was a no brainer. It provides hours of endless fun in the garden, splashing and playing with his water toys. It can also be filled with sand if you’d rather or if you’d like the choice. For me personally I have decided to stay away from sand, I can only imagine the mess he would make so a smaller sand pit would be better suited to his play style. I love the wooden finish of this Plum water table, it doesn’t look out of place in a garden and manages to fit in stylishly.




I love Brio! I especially love that it’s wooden. We got him a starter pack for Christmas when he was 18months old and it was such a hit we got more for his birthday so we could make grander, more exciting tracks. At two years old he will now sit and place the track together building his own circuits, they’re more higgledy-piggledy than anything but he will actually sit still and build, it holds his attention like nothing else. It’s also great for bringing us all together at playtime, it’s something that we all enjoy doing as a family, seeing who can build the most elaborate design.

Happyland Farm Set


This Happyland Farm Set was another Christmas present after it was recommended from a friend and I have to say that at 18 months old he didn’t show much interest in this and I was a little more than disappointed, especially as I was hoping it would help him learn animal names and noises and generally help with his development. However, fast forward 6 months and he loves this now. We keep this at Grannie and Grandad’s house and when we visit at the weekends this is the first toy he will play with. He can name all the animals, make all the noises and his role playing with all the animals has kicked in. It is so much fun watching him play with this, especially great if your little one loves animals and farms but you can also shop similar sets if they’re not a farm fan.

Brio Builders Construction Set



A gift from his Grandpa on his second birthday and not one that I would ever have considered. Labelled as 3+ and full with small parts for constructing anything they can imagine, I wouldn’t have thought it suitable and would have passed up on buying such a present but along with his Brio, this really is the only thing that holds his attention. He loves using the hammer to bang the bolts into the blocks and at this age quite happily ‘builds’ shapes and creations of all sizes. It’s sparking his imagination, building dexterity and it’s something we can do together, we’ll sit and help build cars or bikes with him and then he’ll sit and play with it for days afterwards. The Construction Set comes in a cardboard box and after a couple of weeks of opening and closing it was unusable so I found a small toolbox in B&Q for £3 and it is the perfect size for all the parts and for William to carry around… which he loves to do since we’ve had the builders at home!




A wooden easel chalkboard is used daily at home, an upgrade from the colouring books which he loves. He loves to draw, especially animals, and more often than not will have everyone involved, asking them to draw animals while he guesses what they are. Plenty of fun but also educational, providing the adult involved can draw a simple pig or dog!

Balance Bike

We have a small bike which William loves to take out and we really need an upgrade but as it stands I can’t give you a personal review, only that I know others who love this and this has been added to his christmas list! Perhaps you can send us your thoughts on the balance bike if your little one has tried it?

I always love to hear what you think, especially if you have gift ideas to share too, so please leave a comment below.

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