North Norfolk and Wild Luxury Glamping – Part One

We recently returned from three idyllic days in North Norfolk.

For my 32nd birthday Jamie booked a surprise trip for us which was just what we all needed after he’d been working away for the past month, only seeing each other and spending time together as a family at the weekend.

It was my first time in Norfolk and I really didn’t know what to expect, what we would do, where we would go but when he told me he’d booked for us to stay at The Hideaway, Wild Luxury Glamping, I couldn’t contain my excitement. It looked like so much fun and the idea of a complete escape was thrilling, no phones, TV or electricity!


We packed as much as we could the day before which was no easy task being a Sunday, and Fathers Day, so we had a full day planned with swimming and family visits. As it turned out Jamie had arranged a surprise family gathering at his parents house so I could celebrate my birthday a day early with family before we headed off the next morning.

We set off mid morning after presents and croissants and when we finally arrived we were greeted by bright blue skies and miles of unspoilt countryside. It was breathtaking. I couldn’t stop the huge grin from forming and there it stayed.  Word of advice though, if you book with Wild Luxury Glamping, just make sure you receive a welcome pack before you head off, we didn’t and it wasn’t until after 2 hours of trying to find the camp that we realised the welcome pack contained a much needed map! It’s not called The Hideaway for nothing.


The camp itself was peaceful, had amazing views and was truthfully more than I’d expected it to be. There were 7 lodges on the camp in total, 5 of the lodges (Serengeti Lodges) sleep 6 and the other 2 (Zambezi Lodges) sleep 10. There were sheep, goats and chickens, whose eggs you could collect in the morning for breakfast, the only rule being whoever lets the chickens out, gets them back in at the end of the day! William loved visiting the animals everyday and in many cases it ended with us bribing him with food or beach trips to pull him away. There is a children’s park at one end of the camp, which we were conveniently located next too and it was perfect because while we were firing up the BBQ or relaxing with a drink we could sit and watch William play, in fact, from anywhere on site you could see your children.





The site also contains a basketball area, volleyball nets and a woodland area for picnics, den making and a zip wire although with our jam packed days we didn’t make it to the woods. The Hideaway is extremely family orientated and so much fun for children and adults alike. There really was nothing better than coming back after a day exploring the local villages or collecting shells on the stunning Norfolk beaches, covered in salty sand with windswept hair, to say hello to the farm animals, pour a cold glass of something sparkling and fire up the BBQ.



I was giddy with excitement when we first saw our lodge, a fire pit with log benches and tables for BBQing and toasting marshmallows, a deck upon which sat a sofa and chairs, ripe for curling up under a blanket with a good book after a long day. I just couldn’t wait to get back later that evening and enjoy it all.

Inside there was a spacious open plan living space with a sofa, large dining table and chairs to seat six and a small kitchen that had everything we needed. Ahead of our visit we searched Trip Advisor reviews to figure out exactly what we needed to take but they really did have everything covered and again, if you have the welcome pack they have some great ideas in there, thankfully many of which we had thought about… books, blankets, marshmallows, towels, balls… You can also order an ‘All In Package‘ which ensures you have clean linen fitted for your arrival, unlimited firewood that you can collect from behind the lodge everyday, ice packs for the cool box should you wish to keep food cool (There is no fridge or freezer) and candles for the evenings. I’d highly recommend this package for the bed linen alone, I cannot think of anything worse than having to make your bed upon arrival. We just wanted to get out and enjoy ourselves.



While we didn’t intend to do any cooking in the lodge, opting for simple BBQ food while we were there, there is a small single gas hob inside for which they supply the gas for and also an Aga which we didn’t cook on but did light at night to keep the lodge nice and toasty while we all slept, this was just before the heatwave hit so was really appreciated during the cooler evenings and in the Autumn months a necessity I am sure.

There were two bedrooms, one with a double bed and another with bunk beds and then a hidden cabin bed, which isn’t just for children! We opted to spend the first night in the double bed and our final night in the cabin bed. It. Was. So. Much. Fun.                                It transported me back to childhood days, it was cosy, magical and I cannot communicate with you just how comfy the bed was. If we were to take friends and family I think I’d be fighting them to stay in the hidden cabin bed!





The toilet and shower were accessed through the back of the tent behind the bedrooms, each housed outside in a small wooden cabin. Before dinner we all jumped in the shower taking it in turns to hold a wriggling 2 year old while we tried to wash away salt and sand before the hot water ran cold. While camping doesn’t usually involve your own private toilet and shower the design and style of the lodge meant that everything still felt like a mini adventure.


I was sorry to say goodbye on our final day, we enjoyed so much fun family time, creating memories that I know we will never forget, it was our first trip away with just the three of us and I cannot wait until our next adventure. Would we visit The Hideaway again? In a heartbeat. We loved every moment. The peace and quiet, living the simple life for a few days, enjoying each others company, talking, reading, laughing all day and night. These three days left me feeling refreshed and with a new energy for life. I cannot wait to return.

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