October Inspiration

Have you been overcome with pumpkin fever yet this month? Or found any of those elusive white pumpkins?

We may only be 10 days in but we’re already enjoying everything this month has to offer. Adventures in the morning, crunching through the golden leaves that have danced their way to the ground. Searching for Autumns fallen treasure. Taking home baskets full of conkers with a promise to make an Autumn wreath on the next cold day by the fire. A hot bowl of soup with buttery crusty bread for lunch or dinner. Bringing extra blankets out as the sun kisses the horizon and the golden glow of Autumn lights up the darkest corners. Curling up with hot chocolate and a book. Cuddling by the fire with a film and home baked cookies as night envelopes day in a tight embrace. Candles. And a few more candles. And maybe just one more! Making plans to pick pumpkins and carve them together, all the while trying not to sneak a few pieces of the Halloween treats you’ve got, ready for the ghosts and ghouls that appear on All Hallows Eve. As the clocks go backwards and time seems to slow, I feel more content than at any other time of year. Happily taking life at a slower pace and finding joy in all the simples things that Autumn has to offer, I don’t believe I’ve even touched the surface on all the good that comes with October. I’ve not even mentioned roast dinners and sweet apple crumbles! Or sinking into a steaming bath at the end of a long day of adventuring.

And this is exactly what my October inspiration is based upon. Warming tones that invite you to curl up at home and embrace the changing seasons and the simple things.

Happy pumpkin month!

Oct Final

Photo Credits:

Farrow and Ball

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