Our Building Journey – Month Two – August

With the groundworks finished and taking weeks longer than planned we were so eager to see some actual building work happening this month but August started slow and this was the tone for the entire month. We had to wait until the middle of the month before work began again and even then it was staggered and slow moving.

Monday 13th August

By the middle of the second week we had builders back on site and they’d built the walls to damp course and by Friday prepared the over site using consolidated rubble. The over site being a flat, solid layer of concrete under the ground floor of your house or extension.



Monday 27th August

Mid week a layer of concrete was poured completing the over site and thus marked the completion of the foundations of our house.


Such a small amount was achieved in August and I’d actually not realised just how little until writing this post. It turns out the work completed only took 5 days, in all it was very uneventful, nothing to report, no problems (which is only a positive thing) and nothing particularly exciting, yet somehow lasted the entire month. I don’t remember feeling particularly stressed that the work was moving along at a snails pace or feeling like there was little progress being made but I think this was largely due to the fact that I was always focussed on the bigger picture, what was coming next, and that was exciting. It also helped that our house hadn’t yet been interrupted by any part of the work, daily life continued as normal and the summer was so dry that moving around outside with all the building work going on wasn’t an issue.

The end of August rolled round and also saw the end of the contracted work with the team carrying out the groundwork and foundations. Now it was over to our builder and there would be a hive of activity everyday. Roll on September.

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