November Inspiration

November may just be a warm up for the main event next month but there’s no denying the beauty and comfort it brings.

A crisp, cold morning on a sunny, blue skied day. This is my favourite type of November day. Where we find ourselves wrapped up in hats, coats and wellies, wrapped up so tight that opening the door to the cool fresh air is a welcome break from the warmth of home. Walking through quiet fields, under the trees whose leaves are now quickly dancing to the ground in the bitter breeze.

Arriving home with rosy cheeks to light a fire, the cracking and popping sound as comforting as the vat of butternut squash soup bubbling on the hob, scents of nutmeg and woodsmoke wafting through the air.

A time to sit in your favourite spot, by the fire, with a blanket or two and make lists, a time to organise, preparing for the upcoming festivities.

Enjoying comfort food during the long, dark nights and a large hot chocolate on a long walk knowing that the oversized jumpers you’re taking comfort in, hide a multitude of sins.

The sweet anticipation of the first hard frost yet to come, when you tentatively step into the garden, watching your warm breath swirl through the air and find silver glistening spider webs clinging to nearly bare branches.

November is a pallet of muted tones, warming tones, perfect for creating a cosy space for which to hibernate during these darker, colder months.

What’s your favourite thing to do in November?

Nov Final

Photo Credits:

Farrow and Ball
Sims Hilditch
Border Oak

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