My Story

I started Laura Adkin Interiors 3 short years ago when I was pregnant.

I was still working as a Sales Manager for a healthcare company, a role I had been in for 10 years, managing and travelling all over the Uk and Europe. It was while I was in this role that I completed my Interior Design training, studying and working in my spare time. I had always loved other people homes, as a little girl I remember asking for those hideous (believe me when I say at the time they were a trend!) blow up chairs, remember those??? And spending the whole of Christmas redesigning and rearranging my bedroom, as you would when zoning a space! I didn’t know it until much later in my life but this was my passion, this is what I wanted to do.

My dream was always to start my own interior design business but I guess you could could say I was too comfortable and enjoyed earning a regular salary and never took the leap. But when I fell pregnant all my priorities changed. I didn’t want to return to my role as a Sales Manager, travelling and not being with my family. The most important thing for me was creating a flexible lifestyle where I could stay at home with William. So I handed in my notice and took the plunge.

Needless to say starting a business with a newborn was not top of my to do list, I was constantly feeding, changing and sleep deprived. It’s really only the past year that I have actually been able to turn some of my attention towards my business.

I still only work part time and only work on projects that I really connect with. William is still at home with me full time until September and so I try to create some balance between work and family. But I’m excited to start working on more projects and sharing some of the ideas I’ve got in the pipeline with you.

Laura. x

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