August Inspiration

There’s no denying the beauty that August brings.

Fluffy Cafe Au Lait dahlias, in tones of peach and blush pink, those golden fields right before the harvest and sunsets. Beautiful pink sunsets that take your breath away, that make you stand still and take a moment. They have literally been stopping me in my tracks while out running in the evening and I’ve stopped to take a picture. I run in the evenings just so I can watch the sunset as I run.

As summer starts drawing to a close, August sees us relishing in the final moments of summer. Drinking in every drop of sunshine, making the most of the warmth, forgetting routine and bedtimes.

I for one am hoping for some more summer days before the arrival of the crisper, darker ones in September. I need one more day on the beach, staying up to eat fish and chips and watching as the sun sets, filling the sky with colour and my heart with happy memories. More quiet nights of reflection watering my flowers and veg that I managed to grow from seed. More picnic days, more evenings at the park while they’re still light when daddy comes home and just generally more of everything. To fill up my cup with happiness and vitamin D before I start to slow with the seasons.

This months inspiration comes from everything I love about August, how about you, what do you love the most about this time of year?

Aug Final

Photo Credits:

The Stables
Laura Butler-Madden
Studio McGee

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