Trend Alert – Cane and wicker Furniture

Now this is a trend I can get on board with.

Perfect as Autumn starts nipping at our toes, cane, bamboo and rattan furniture is making a comeback and adding some much needed warmth and texture in our homes. No longer reminiscent of the 70’s  furniture reserved for conservatories, the high street have reinvented cane and wicker furniture.

Searching Pinterest a couple of weeks ago I found my first piece of cane furniture… a headboard. I fell head over heals and so began my journey looking for a similar cane headboard. No such luck as yet but it seems I’m not the only one a little bit in love with cane furniture. It’s popping up everywhere.

I’ve rounded up some of my most inspiring images, helping you introduce cane, bamboo and rattan into your home this Autumn/Winter. The perfect addition to Country Interiors, coastal cottages or boho homes alike with its natural textures, colours and warmth.

living room.jpg



Image Credits: Pinterest / Studio McGee / Maison Du Monde / RoseandGrey

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