Buying Guide: Candles

For me, candles are a necessity.

They create ambience, a gentle warmth, lighting the darkest corners. Assault your senses, filling your home with their beautiful aroma. And have the ability to transport you to another place.

They are, in my opinion, the perfect gift.

And with Valentines Day around the corner I thought now would be the perfect time to share some of my all time favourite candles with you. Whether you decide to gift yourself, a partner, loved one or friend, you cannot let Valentines pass you by without lighting a candle or two. I’ll be spending Valentines Day alone this year, since Jamie is working away but you can be sure I’ll be lighting myself a whole load of candles (without Jamie rolling his eyes at the obscene number and asking once again why I need some many) and enjoy a bath and film. This year, I’ll be filling Valentines Day with self love and all my favourite candles.

Buying Guide Candles

1. Millie & Green
2. Hudson Home
3. The White Company
4. Chapter Organics
5. Aldi
6. Jo Malone

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