Colour Theory – Yellow

Springtime can mean only one colour in my opinion, as Winter starts to warm and everything starts to Spring back into life, we’re all waiting with sweet anticipation for the sunny yellow petals of the daffodil, the promise of sunnier, warmer days. And in light of the current COVID-19 crisis never has a colour held so much weight.

The colour yellow is the most uplifting colour, spreading happiness, cheer and fun. You cannot see the colour yellow without feeling your soul warm and lift with happiness. It’s an optimistic colour, positive and full of hope. In interiors, a yellow room will be one of warmth and happiness, it can also be stimulating, a creative colour.

So why don’t we see more yellow interiors? For me, my clients either love it or hate it and since yellow is the most visible of all the colours and can often be bright and intense, leading to visual fatigue for some, it’s no wonder it can evoke such strong feelings with little to no middle ground.

But, with the right tone and use, you may find that you’re converted. A whole wall/room may be overwhelming for you, so use yellow as an accent colour. Cushions, a throw and some flowers. Owed to it being the most visible colour, small amounts of the colour can quickly grab attention.

So if you’re looking to lift your spirits in your home, want to create a space that conveys warmth and happiness, boost positivity, then perhaps take another look at yellow. Here’s a little inspiration for you.

Living Room


Image Credits: Neptune / Fox Flowers / Farrow and Ball / Pinterest

Colour Theory – Green

Want to know more about the colours that you love and how they influence not only your home but also how you feel. How they effect your mood, feelings and emotions?

Colours can make us feel energised or relaxed, they can make us feel sad and happy….. even hungry!

Understanding how colours can effect us make designing and decorating our homes a much simpler process and reduces the fear of getting it wrong.

So, if you want to know a little more about colour theory and psychology then this new blog series is for you.

I’m starting with green, for a couple of reasons. I’m currently working on some green projects and you guys seem to love this colour….. a lot. And as we move into Spring it seems the perfect colour to start with, as green symbolises nature and growth.

Green promotes balance and harmony, supports growth and renewal, and offers a restful and soothing atmosphere.

You can manipulate the tone of the room by using a darker or lighter shade and it’s the perfect choice for soothing bedrooms and restful living rooms alike. I’ve chosen green accents for my kitchen, linking it further with nature and the great outdoors.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration to introduce green into your home, then look no further. There’s plenty of inspiration below, for those those who want green as the primary colour and those who may just want a hint of green.


Living Room


Images credits: Howdens / Neptune / Cox and Cox / Studio McGee / Pinterest