September Inspiration Board

Oh September… You fill me with inspiration.

The colours, the sounds, smells and tastes. Everyday I find myself thankful.

This month I’m inspired by the trees, giving us a sneak preview of what the next few weeks hold, shades of green with a burnt orange and yellow undertone. My hydrangeas by the front door, now fading and taking on a gentle vintage hue, aged to perfection and ready to be dried, their beauty frozen in time. Golden green apples and pears in abundance on the trees in our garden and long walks to pick the delicious berries filling our hedgerows, ripe for picking, so delicious and sweet we’re lucky to make it home with any left in our basket… And if they do, boy do they make the sweetest apple crumble, perfect for Sunday evenings as the nights close in.

One of my favourite things about September is all the food that nature is willing to give away so freely and so, it felt only natural that this month I focus my interiors inspiration in the kitchen. That and my love for apple crumble and custard, it’s one of my favourite desserts, what about you?

Muted green kitchens. If you’re feeling brave, green kitchen cupboards are a match made in heaven for country homes and if not, how about a wall or some freestanding furniture. I currently have some green paint ready to transform my bureau and I cannot wait!

Decorate kitchen tables with faded pink hydrangeas and berries, if you aren’t lucky enough to have your own hydrangea bushes to cut from, then Hudson Home have the most beautiful selection of faux flowers, perfect for this time of year. Bowls of juicy red and green apples on the kitchen worktop ready to crunch. Candles ready to burn, choose berry red and spiced scents to really capture the season.

Honestly, what isn’t there to love?

Sept Final

Image credits: Neptune Home / Hudson Home / CakeandMoss / Houseonheatherfield / Pinterest

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